Partner Churches

A partner church is a church that agrees to enter into relationship with and support Project Transformation. Partner churches commit volunteer, financial, and spiritual resources to our programming. This partner church support is vital to serving the young adult interns and the children.

A partner church can commit to support Project Transformation in any or all of the following ways:

  1. Support an intern financially by providing a portion of his or her stipend & living expenses ($4,000 per summer per intern)
  2. Provide 10-12 volunteers per day for a week of one-on-one reading with children
  3. Provide a meal for interns twice during the summer.
  4. Invite your sponsored intern to share his/her experience with your congregation.
  5. Pray for Project Transformation’s ministry.
  6. Donate curriculum supplies.

Contact Allison at for more information about becoming a partner church.