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Below are some frequently asked questions about the internship. Please email for further information.

Summer Internship FAQs

  • Is this a paid internship?
  • Yes! Summer interns receive a $2,000 living stipend, along with housing and most meals.
  • Can I take a summer class at the same time? Or work an additional job part time?
  • No, Project Transformation summer interns must commit to full-time service during the internship. The time commitment to our program will not permit any class or part-time job.
  • Do I get any time off?
  • Yes, each week, interns have Friday evening – Saturday evening free.
  • Do we get the 4th of July off?
  • Yes, we observe the July 4th holiday by providing additional time off.
  • Does Project Transformation provide transportation to/from intern housing and the program sites? Do I need to bring a car?
  • Project Transformation will ask a few people on each team to drive their team to the program sites. The drivers receive mileage reimbursement from PT for required travel. This means you are not required to bring a car but are welcome to bring one.
  • Can I bring my musical instrument or art supplies with me?
  • Yes, please do! Your instruments and art supplies will be a great asset to the worship experience with your fellow interns as well as possibly at camp with the kids.
  • Are housing and meals provided?
  • Yes, interns live together in housing provided by Project Transformation. Self-serve breakfast items are available each morning, and lunch with the children is provided on program days. Volunteer groups from our partner churches provide dinners on most evenings and stay to share in the fellowship with our interns. You are responsible for providing your own food Friday afternoon – Sunday lunch.
  • Will I have Internet access?
  • Yes, you will have internet access at the intern housing.
  • What is your policy on cell phones?
  • During program hours and meetings, the cell phone must not be used for personal calls, texts or other uses.
  • Where will I live? Will I have a roommate?
  • Interns live together in Christian community in college dorms. You will be assigned a roommate.
  • What do I need to bring?
  • Internship housing is in a college dorm. A complete packing list is provided upon your acceptance, but plan to bring bedding for a twin-size bed, bathroom supplies, casual clothes to wear each day at site (including gym shoes), church clothes, swimsuit (one piece for ladies), and sunscreen. Optional items include a laptop/tablet, speaker, musical instrument, and car.
  • What items should I not bring for the summer?
  • Do not bring mini-refrigerators, microwaves, candles, or extension cords. Electronics can be brought at your own risk.
  • What if I don’t have a home church?
  • Having a home church has no bearing on your participation as an intern. However, PT is strongly supported by churches throughout the Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church, and you may be linked to a partner church in the greater Indianapolis area to support you during your internship.
  • What if my home church can’t commit to all of the obligations set out in the Partner Church Letter of Commitment?
  • Project Transformation staff will work with each intern and his/her partner church in order to fulfill the obligations.
  • Do I have to attend worship at my host church each Sunday?
  • Yes, as a team you will attend worship at the church hosting your camp. This is a great way to engage the congregation you are in ministry with and also an opportunity to take on a worship role if desired. Your presence in the church service encourages our program’s participating children and their families to attend church as well.
  • Can I get time off for weddings, special circumstances, etc? How should I request it?
  • Taking additional time off is not encouraged as it disrupts our program and your teammates and children are depending on you. However, getting time off for special events is possible. You must make a request to the Program Director as soon as you know the dates. Time off is granted depending on the nature of the activity and adequate advance notice. We recommend that such requests are discussed during the interview process, whenever possible.
  • Can my friends/family visit me at the house or program site?
  • Yes, family and friends are encouraged to volunteer at the site. They also may tour your housing. However, it is important that intern housing be a place of community for the interns. We do not permit guests to stay overnight.