Whether you partner with us as a donor, volunteer, or both, there is a place for you at Project Transformation. If you have a passion for helping children improve their literacy and develop a love of reading, there is definitely a place for you. In fact, we couldn’t do it without you! If you feel led to encourage and support the work of young adults in their service while discerning God’s call on their lives, we need your help.

I have seen entire neighborhoods and churches revitalized by the very presence of Project Transformation programs in the community.
- Mark Orland

After many years of service, we’ve realized that most people don’t just get involved, they get hooked when they get to know our kids or college interns, and they become transformed themselves. Investing your time, talents and resources at Project Transformation will truly change someone’s life, and it might be your own. How will you connect?

Contact Sonya Curtis-Tshuma at thsuma@ptnorthgeorgia.org for more information about how you can connect with Project Transformation North Georgia!

We envision a world that is rooted in love, pursues the equity of all people, and amplifies God's call on every life.


Your gift means that children in our program will be nurtured by caring, young adults during the summer, and that college students will have opportunities to explore their gifts and passions through this program.
Consider making a monthly contribution!

You can also donate supplies from our Wish List.



There are numerous ways to connect and get involved with Project Transformation North Georgia. We are thankful for your support and dedication!*

Year Around Options

Book Coding: Code donated books according to reading levels so that they can be placed in our library.

Book Tables: Give away books at community events to children.


Summer Volunteer Options

Reading Volunteers: read one-on-one with children for 3, 40-minute rotations, Monday-Thursday. We appreciate any time you are able to spend reading with our kids, whether it is for one day, one week, or every week. If it is your first time volunteering, please arrive at 9:30am for orientation. If it is not your first time volunteering, please arrive at 9:45am. Volunteers will be done at approximately 12:00pm. We do need a current background check on file if you are working with our kids, which you can obtain through your church or we can run it for you, although we will ask for a $10 donation to cover the cost.

To learn more about the volunteer opportunities or if you have any questions, please contact Sonya Curtis-Tshuma at tshuma@ptnorthgeorgia.org.

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Project Transformation’s internships are for young adults who have completed at least their freshman year of college and are interested in serving others while exploring their calling. The program offers young adults a hands-on opportunity to build lasting relationships with children and families, experience intentional community, learn in a diverse cultural and socio-economic environment, and explore various careers in ministry and service. As a faith-based organization, we offer opportunities for young adults to grow in their faith journey and discern their calling during their service.

To apply to be an intern with Project Transformation North Georgia, click here.

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