A note from Executive Director Rachel Neer:
My favorite folk singer is Carrie Newcomer.  Her music has shaped my theology.  Her words speak to my soul.  As we begin to work on our summer curriculum, there is one chorus that speaks to me more than any others:

“Courage doesn’t always shout, but whispers and reminds / When we get up one more morning and we try another time.”

A Simple Change of Heart
Courage is one of the soft learning skills we will be teaching this summer.  We will be working with students to help them see that sometimes courage means that we try, try again, even when it’s hard and even when it’s scary.
We strive to help our students excel academically, but we also strive to teach them what it means to exercise the soft learning skills necessary to function in today’s world.
What is it about courage that compels you and helps you to be a better person in the world?