Help us have the best summer ever!

As summertime approaches, we need lots of things to help our children learn and our young adults teach.  These supplies help to ensure that our children have a hands-on education in the classroom and bring stories to life.

If you would like to help us find some of these supplies, please keep an eye on our

Amazon Wish List.  This information will be updated regularly as we get close to the summer with supplies that we need.

We are also looking for the following items, which we did not add to Amazon:

10 lbs. of flour
Lots of sequins
Lots of colorful feathers
20 cans of shaving cream
Early reader books
Chapter books
Non-perishable, individually wrapped snacks
Quiet children’s board games (Scrabble, Hi-Ho Cherrio, Uno, Chutes and Ladders)


Summer Materials FAQ

Q: I know that I can get cotton balls cheaper at my local store than I can on Amazon.  Do I have to order on Amazon?

A: No, of course not!  If you can find what we need somewhere else easier and cheaper, please do that!  Let us know that you will be bringing it in so that we can remove it from our wish list.

Q:  I have books that my children are done with, but I don’t know what level they are.  Can you still take them?

A:  Yes, we can!  While we have a particular need for books for our littles and our oldest, we love any books that we can get our hands on.  You can rest assured that they will find a child that loves them.

Q:  I want to organize a drive at my church/workplace/community hotspot.  Can you help me?

A:  Yes, we can!  We love to visit the community anywhere and everywhere.  We are glad to help you put together a drive and can even come pick up final supplies from you!

Q:  I have lots of other art supplies I’m finished with.  Can I donate those, too?

A:  No, please don’t.  While we are grateful for the things that we receive, there are some things that are not helpful to us and will not be used in the program.  These things tend to take up space in our small office spaces and make it challenging to do ministry.  We are glad to help you research other organizations that may have a need for these particular items.

Q:  I am passionate about Project Transformation and I want to help!  Do I have permission to share this?

A:  Yes, of course!  Please share our wishlist, this blog, and any other posts from our social media sites or website with anyone you know.  Together, we will have an incredible summer!


Once supplies are purchased, please email or call 931-252-2677 to schedule a time to drop things off or for staff to pick things up.  We

spend a lot of time in the community building relationships, interviewing and recruiting young adults, and supporting our host churches in building their connections.  We are not always in the office.

If you order anything, it can be mailed to our physical office at 11000 NE 4th Plain Blvd.; Vancouver, WA 98662.