Host Churches

Churches in transitional neighborhoods reach out to their immediate communities by partnering with Project Transformation to host programming for children and youth.  Church development that happens in partnership with Project Transformation is multidimensional and interdisciplinary. Through this partnership, host churches are empowered to better cultivate two key traits of discipleship: radical hospitality and active listening. Host churches are trained each year in best practices for leveraging the program by one another and Project Transformation. First and foremost, church members and staff are able to display radical hospitality as they greet children and youth, lead chapel services during programming each week, invite parents to worship and plan and attend Family Fun Night events with the young adults. Beyond this, the host church also enters, with more resources, a relationship of active listening in order to better learn and understand the community’s needs and assets.

Contact to learn more about becoming a host church.

You can apply to be a 2019 Summer Host Church via Google Forms by clicking here.

For a .pdf version, you can go here -> (Site-Church-Application-2019)

"I think the greatest strength of Project Transformation from a pastor’s point of view, is that it gives a congregation a clear purpose and mission right in our neighborhood."
- Rev. Andrew Forrest, Munger Place Church