Instructions for Pen Pals

Volunteers are paired with students as summer Pen Pals. As Pen Pals, participants will become acquainted through friendly correspondence and learn from each other about a range of interesting topics. In this way, students will practice the art of writing, increase literacy skills, and build positive relationships. Volunteers should be able to write letters to children, commit to corresponding for the summer, and pass a successful background check.

PT Liaisons: Access the 2020 Background Check Verification form here.

To volunteer as a Pen Pal, register here.

  • Once paired with a student, you will receive their first name, grade, and a unique three-digit identifier. Please write the unique number in the top right hand corner of each letter.
  • When writing your letter, feel free to share about your family, friends, and interests. And be sure to ask about your Pen Pal, too! Here are some ideas for your letters:
    – Tell them about a typical day for you
    – States that you have visited
    – Things that you do every day
    – Things that make you happy
    – Your favorite food or book
    – Sports you play (or played)
    – Talents you have
    – What you do for work (or used to work)
    – Your favorite subject when you were in school
    – Your college
    – Your favorite toy as a child
    – The best teacher you ever had
    – The most important thing you ever learned
  • Student letters may have spelling or grammatical errors. Your role is not to correct them, but to be a positive connection.
  • Your letters can be hand-written or typed. Once you receive a response, please write your Pen Pal back within five days.
  • Address and send your envelope to the PT office.

Middle Tennessee Office Address

Child Name

c/o Project Transformation Tennessee

1008 19th Avenue South

Nashville, TN 37212

Memphis Office Address

Child Name

c/o Project Transformation Tennessee

3625 Midland Avenue

Memphis, TN 38111