Phil Espinoza, Site Coordinator at Munger Place Church

One of the things I love about Project Transformation is the people, this community that surrounds and supports one another in amazing ways. Before the winter holiday, I had to go back home to Baton Rouge for my grandfather’s funeral. It was an amazing time celebrating his life with the whole family. To be there though, meant I had to miss several days of the Afterschool Program. Normally, this would have me very worried.

There are many things to remember when you are a Site Coordinator at an Afterschool Program site and in addition to our normally busy schedule, we were also in the middle of our big service project. The children were making blankets for Project Linus and I needed someone there to help direct the project.


Despite everything, I wasn’t worried at all. The part-time AmeriCorps Member I work alongside, Pavel, is amazing with the kids and knows them very well. Dewey, our Reading Curriculum Coordinator, is someone who I can trust to make sure stuff gets done. With these two people stepping in to run the Munger Place site location while I was out, I wasn’t concerned at all about the program and I could focus on being present with my family.


Some of my roommates (who are also Site Coordinators and one Reading Curriculum Coordinator) took it a step further! They got together and made a huge card for me with notes from so many people showing support for me. They got people from the Project Transformation office, fellow PT Corps Members, and friends from all over the country to write a note to me showing their love and support.

Conclusion: I work with some of the best people who help make this year amazing!