Advent and Christmas Special Offering

In the beginning was the Word . . .

What if one book is what brings the Word to life?

This Advent, as we prepare for the coming of Christ as a newborn baby, we will celebrate the gift of the Word by supporting the work Project Transformation does to bring the Word to life.

  • Life in children who need books that are on their reading level and contain characters who look like them.
  • Books that college students study in order to be leaders in a world that needs them to love Jesus and neighbor.
  • Books that grandparents read to children to help them grow their world and find their place in it.

This Advent and Christmas outreach offering will include books on the Project Transformation curated book list and a donation of at least $5 in addition to each book, because the books alone cannot solve the problem. In the summer of 2022, Project Transformation will hire more than 40 college students and invest in their futures as they pour into the futures of the children at camp.

This year let’s honor the Christ child by sharing the Word with others.

How can you participate?

Information on how to participate in the Project Transformation Advent Offering:

  • Devotion – Read the weekly devotion (below), following along with the lectionary and preparing your spirit through the living Word for the coming Christ
  • Books– Project Transformation’s curated book list has four categories. Each of the categories focuses on a high need area of their site church libraries. By purchasing titles from this list, you are supporting children in building their skills and confidence as readers.  
    • Categories of the curated book list: 
      • Read Together: The We Both Read series is designed for grown-ups and children to sit together and share reading responsibilities. The grown-up reading pages contain high-interest content while the child reading pages support vocabulary building and comprehension skills.
      • High/Low: High/Low books are books that have an interest level appropriate for older kids, while the reading skill level is lower for growing readers. These books help support and engage older children as they build their reading skills with age-appropriate content.
      • Phonics: Phonics focused books are written intentionally to build specific beginning reading skills for new readers. These books will support emerging readers as they learn to decode and make meaning while reading.
      • Bilingual: Spanish-English bilingual books will support readers who are learning each language. Providing books in both Spanish and English helps to support the diverse needs of the Project Transformation community.
    • Ways to donate books from the curated list to Project Transformation:  Complete the online order form. Or use the curated book list to select which titles you would like to purchase, then complete the paper order form. Turn in your paper order form and payment method to the church and the church will submit it to Project Transformation on your behalf.
  • Donation – Books alone cannot sustain the full ministry of Project Transformation. For each book donated, please make a $5 monetary contribution to support the larger work of Project Transformation’s ministry. This can be done with the online order form, or with the paper order form when turned in to the church. 
  • Prayer – As you journey through the weekly devotional, you are invited to pray over the work of Project Transformation. For the children who will read the books you donated, for the college students who will support those children while building their own leadership skills, for the churches who host and support the program, and for the staff and volunteers working year-round to answer God’s call of transformational ministry. 

Weekly Devotions

1st Sunday of Advent – November 28

2nd Sunday of Advent – December 5
3rd Sunday of Advent – December 12
4th Sunday of Advent – December 19
1st Sunday of Christmas – December 26

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