Site Churches

Partnering with Project Transformation to host programming for children can help re-anchor your congregation in your neighborhood.  Church development that happens in partnership with Project Transformation is multidimensional and interdisciplinary. Through this partnership, site churches are empowered to better cultivate two key traits of discipleship: radical hospitality and active listening. Site churches are trained each year in best practices for leveraging the program by one another and Project Transformation. First and foremost, church members and staff are able to display radical hospitality as they greet children and their families, lead chapel services during programming each week, invite families to worship and plan and attend Family Fun Night events with the young adults. Beyond this, the site church also enters, with more resources, a relationship of active listening in order to better learn and understand the community’s needs and assets.

If your congregation is interested in being a site church,  Click here to for the application.

The site church application can be helpful for any congregation wanting to deepen its knowledge of and investment in its neighborhood.

Contact Kercida McClain at if you have questions or want to learn more about becoming a site church.

SUMMER 2018 Sites

San Antonio Area  Las Misiones District

Laurel Heights United Methodist Church, Pastor: Rev. Paul Escamilla
227 West Woodlawn
San Antonio, Texas 78212
(210) 733-7156

Northern Ministry Center, Pastor: Rev. Abdon Garza
4306 Naco Pass
San Antonio, Texas 78217
(210) 236-6810

St. Paul United Methodist Church, (combined with Laurel Heights for ’18)
508 N. Center Street
San Antonio, Texas 78202
(210) 227-2525

Windsong United Methodist Church, (opening summer 2019)
12099 Robert Glenn
San Antonio, TX 78252
(210) 854-4340

Rio Grande Valley   El Valle District

El Mesias United Methodist Church, Pastor: Amelia Beasley
209 E. 6th and Doherty
Mission, TX. 78572
(956) 585-2334

Valley Praise Santa Rosa United Methodist Church, Pastor: Jay Ramirez
203 Santa Vista
Santa Rosa, TX. 78593
(956) 507-0087

"In every way Project Transformation grew the children, the community, and the interns. The church was able to test their potential to rally together to invest in at-risk children.""
- PT Rio Texas Intern