From a closed church to a nursing home, to the far outskirts of San Antonio, a home for the college interns has always been a challenge in San Antonio. Although we are so grateful for the many ways we have had to build relationships with the people in these temporary homes, it has been apparent that PT needed a permanent home.
As an organization committed to the ‘C’ of Church and thus the invisible ‘C’ of Community, coming home on a local church property makes sense for so many reasons. After years of dreaming and talking, the reality of sharing the property of St Mark’s United Methodist Church has come to fruition. The donation of their unused education building gave PT the location to create a home for which we have been dreaming and strategizing. That gift, along with Las Misiones District’s gift and partnership in the vision, began the work toward renovating and creating a permanent home for interns each summer, as well as the fellows running the after school program.

If you are in the Austin or Valley geographies, know that this is not a dream we have only for San Antonio. 

Whether you or your business are able to purchase an entire room for $25,000 or you are able to buy a single bed, every donation buys you a piece of the dream. We invite you to join us in being an investor in intentional community by making a contribution today.

Tomorrow, learn about the hospitality side of the PT Home. Thursday, see the new PT Home in-person or through the virtual Open House. RSVP below.

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Yes, I want to be an investor in intentional community!