We are excited to announce that Kercida McClain has accepted the position of Associate Director of Project Transformation–Rio Texas. She is currently the Director of Christian Education at Laurel Heights UMC in San Antonio and has served on the Project Transformation Advisory Board. She is one the lead champions of PT Rio Texas and has been since its inception.

Project Transformation already had two successful summers of connecting churches to communities. Project Transformation focuses on the three c’s: college, churches and children. 97 percent of PT participants at Rio Texas churches maintained or improved their reading levels.

This transition is exciting because Mrs. McClain’s past experience includes leading the new Rio Texas Children’s Initiative “Open the Umbrella.” The initiative was adopted by the Uniting Table and introduced at the 2016 gathering of the annual conference. It recommends that each congregation focus on how to best meet the needs of children in their church and neighborhood.

Rev. Laura Merrill, Executive Director of the Rio Texas Mission Vitality Center said, “Kercida’s presence on the Project Transformation team begins to align the work of PT with the overall vision of the Children’s Initiative.”

Kercida began her new position on November 15th.