This summer, we will have 6 sites that will serve less children but have greater impact. Each year, children come to PT with their academic bucket, and sometimes life buckets, less than full. And now, the pandemic has emptied the buckets even further. This greater need and a commitment to providing the safest environment possible means we will serve less children with even greater impact. Our goal in 2021 is to concentrate our resources into the buckets of children knowing they need more than ever. In reality, every person has been changed and affected by the pandemic so our trauma informed approach will reach children, college interns, volunteers, and churches.

  • Summer camp will be shorter as many of our schools have elongated their school year. (June 21-July 29)
  • College interns will have an 8-week internship (June 8 – July 31)
  • Children will be in self-contained pods by household and Reading Buddies will read with the same children.
  • Reading Buddy training will be on-line and done prior to arrival
  • We are working diligently to keep everyone safe and have the greatest impact possible.