Our Christian faith is central to who we are and the work we do at Project Transformation.


With Wesleyan practice of faith as our core, guiding premise, mutual relationships serve as the primary method through which all other core values are realized.


We believe everyone has sacred worth, created in the image of God
We believe everyone is worthy of love and grace
We value mutuality, diversity, and reconciliation where all persons and perspectives are equal
We practice radical hospitality where we welcome all with care and consideration
We practice intentional, Christian community which requires openness, authenticity, and vulnerability


We believe in the power of the church’s connectional nature
We believe the local church is an essential partner in community transformation
We create partnerships, where the mutual investment of neighbors, volunteers, and churches multiplies resources and assets


We believe everyone has unique gifts, passions, and talents endowed by God
We believe God can use our unique gifts, passions, and talents for a greater purpose of ministry and service in the world
We foster an intentional environment of practice and self reflection
We encourage and empower self-discovery and cultivation of gifts, passions, and talents so young people discern their vocation


We connect the energy and ideas of young people with churches and under-resourced communities to bring about change
We believe young people are capable of helping solve communities’ toughest issues when given the opportunity to lead and serve
We value young people’s passions, innovation, and enthusiasm and give space for their voice in evaluation and development of the organization
We empower children and youth to become servant leaders in their own communities


We practice Christ-inspired leadership which seeks to put the needs of others before self for the greater good
We believe in sharing power and investing in others so that they may fully live into their God-given gifts, passions, and talents
We believe in laboring with love, justice, compassion, humility, and accountability
We believe in practicing rest which promotes personal wholeness and renewal


We believe learning engages and develops the whole self: mind, body, and spirit
We believe that every child and community has unique assets and the right to thrive
We believe that spiritual formation is an essential part of development
We develop literacy and social-emotional skills and knowledge for future success
We seek to inspire a love of learning with a positive, fun-filled, experiential, and relational environment