Courtney Aldrich Lawson


Courtney first experienced the impact of Project Transformation as a college intern herself, serving for three summers at Project Transformation’s founding chapter in Dallas. Here, she first felt a holy nudge to be part of launching this model of ministry in her home state of Tennessee. A few months before PT Tennessee’s inaugural summer, Courtney joined the launching ministry as Executive Director. Courtney received her BSW from Western Kentucky University, and earned her master’s degree in social work from the University of Tennessee.

Yasmine Chew

Fellow, Antioch (Elementary)

Yasmine served with Project Transformation in Clarksville during summer 2021 as a middle school intern and is excited to now serve with the afterschool program in Nashville!

Ellie Crain

Director of Youth and Young Adults

Ellie first encountered Project Transformation as an intern in 2015, while she was a student at Martin Methodist College. It was because of the vocational discernment opportunities she was exposed to as an intern at PT that she decided to attend Wesley Theological Seminary, where she earned her Master of Divinity in May 2020. When she’s not engaging in a thrilling theological discussion, Ellie can be found playing card games, cuddling with cats, or making coffee.

Christina Dotson


Christina came to Nashville by way of Wichita, Kansas. Although Chicago, IL is Christina’s birthplace, she has also called Arlington, TX, San Francisco and San Jose, CA home. Christina joined Project Transformation in May 2018 and immediately felt a sense of familiarity and family, similar to her past work at a non-profit youth mentoring organization in Wichita, KS. She loves to bake, play board games and watch tennis.

Emily Lewis

Fellow, Madison

Emily has served with Project Transformation since 2015 in several roles including Intern, Site Coordinator, and House Pastor.

Sarah McCormick


Sarah first connected with Project Transformation while in seminary in Dallas, TX. Hearing the stories of the ministry beginning with a scribble on a napkin and growing into a dynamic model for ministry, she was inspired and dreamed to one day see Project Transformation come to life in her home state of Tennessee. Sarah joined the Project Transformation Tennessee in 2014 as the Director of Leadership Development after serving as the Minister of Missions and Outreach at West End United Methodist Church. Originally from Memphis, TN, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Lambuth University and a Master of Theological Studies from Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University. Sarah loves movies, music, dogs and spending time with family and friends.

Carrie Sherrill


While living in Dallas, Carrie first became involved with Project Transformation as a volunteer through her church. In sharing a meal with PT families at a Family Fun Night, she witnessed the powerful relationships formed between children and the interns, and was quickly inspired by this multi-faceted ministry. Carrie is passionate about education and mentoring. She previously served at the House of Blues Chicago’s Foundation room, where she sought to advance music education through the House of Blues Music Forward Foundation. Although Carrie has lived in multiple cities, she generally calls Valley Center, Kansas “home.” Carrie earned her Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kansas. When she is not sharing about the amazing work of PT, you will most likely find Carrie doing something involving music, animals, hiking or cooking.

Terrice Thomas

Director of Memphis Programs

Terrice holds a bachelor's degree in Mass Communication from Jackson State University and a master's degree in Public Administration from Keller School of Management. Throughout her professional career, she has served in various positions in the nonprofit sector including fundraising and development, volunteer management, special event planning, and community engagement. Her most recent role before joining the PT team was Manager at the South Branch library in Memphis. Terrice is the author of Mentor Coaching: Effective Mentoring for the Personal & Professional Development of Young Adults (released January 2022). During her free time, Terrice enjoys spending time with her son Kerwin and fur baby Yam.

Wayne White

Fellow, Antioch (Middle School)

Wayne has served with Project Transformation since 2017 in several roles including Reading Program Coordinator, Site Coordinator, and Fellow. Wayne is passionate about food security and making sure all children and youth know their unique awesomeness! In their free time, Wayne enjoys hiking, cooking, and being outdoors.