Rebecca Adkisson
Courtney and Matt Lawson
Marta and Bill Aldrich
AmazonSmile Foundation
Jane and Jerry Armour
Terry Aust
Lina Baggett
Kathy and Phil Baggett
Cheryl and Sammy Ballesteros
Nancy Barnhart
Karen and Barry Barrineau
Judy Baxter
Shari and Michael Bazydola
Fabra and Samuel Belk
Alan and Cecile Bell
Shannon Bennett
James Bishop
Teena and Dan Boone
Ginger and Joseph Boone
Barbara and John Boyett
Jane Dee Englebright-Breckenridge and Brennan Breckenridge
Brentwood UMC Seekers Sunday School Class
Brentwood UMC United Methodist Women
DeeDee and Steve Brickner
Rev. Dr. Bryan Brooks and Heidi Geib
Karen and Andy Brown
Robyn Brumblay
Amy Burch
Calvary UMC – Ages & Stages Class
Martha and Bruce Campbell
Molly and Michael Campbell
Jennifer Carlat
Pamela Carlson
Barbara Christopher
Brent Clark
Kathy and Mr. Chuck Clark
Dr. Mary Clark
Trish Clark
Maxine Cleeton
Kathryn and Mike Cloutier
Mrs. Euthie Cole
Rev. James Cole
John and Rita Collett
Ruthie Bernabe
Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
Donald Cooper
Sandy Cooper
Kathy Corlew
Marnie Cotton
Alan and Robbin Cross
Jan and Ken Crossett
Rev. Lenoir and Rev. Barry Culbertson
Paula Cushing
Agbani Dagogo-Jack
David Butler
Alice Davis
Ann and Kirby Davis
Linda and Ben Davis
Kimber Davis
Morgan Davison
Marcia and Gregory Denton
Janet Dillard
Donnie and Cynthia Mitchell
Christina Dotson
Evelyn Doxey
Katie and James Edwards
Dr. Eric and Nena Egli
Georgia Elizer
Brian and Paige Esch
Kathy Fasig
Cindy Fiala
Alex and Ellen Smoley
Kay Finch
Anne Finley
Steve Flora
Virginia Fowler
Claiborne and Mary Fowler
Eric Freeman
Rev. Pat Freudenthal
Ronald Fults
Randall and Brenda Ganues
Germantown UMC UMW Faith Circle
Carol Ghattas
John Gilbert and Rev. Nancy Zoller
Mary Belle Ginanni
Truitt and Dot Ginn
Pete and Jan Giordano
Renee Goetzka
Susan and Robert Graham
Lori and Walter Gray
Terry and Pastor Mike Guertin
Sarah Beth and Tom Hadzor
Evelyn Hale
Martha Hall
Charlotte Hamby and William Hamby, Jr.
Rev. Autura Eason-Williams
Philip and Adele Hardin
Patty Harper
Rosemary Hart
Hugh and Joy Hatcher
Jo Anne and Bill Hawkins
Sandra Hawkins
Margaret Heard
Judy Helfer
Hendersonville First UMC – Crossroads SS Class
Susan Hillman
Bill Hoffman
Jennifer and Jeff Hoffman
Patti Holscher
Robbie and Thomas Hooper
Tammy Horton
Jeff and Ashley Howerton
Ron and Cyndy Howes
Louise Hoyle
Will Hudson and Taylor Davenport-Hudson
Dr. Jim and Tari Hughes
Vanna and Quentin Humberd
Michelle Hungate
Holly and George Jackle
Janney Montgomery Scott LLC
Amy Jaramillo
Maggie Jarrell
Tandy and David Jarvis
Frank and Margie Jennings
Mamie Jeter
Mollie and Philip Johnston
Donna Jones
Kay and Craig Jordan
Sherri Joyce
Joyce Judkins
Barbara Kelly
Deanna and Brian Kendall
Tharon and Cecil Kirk
Kris Konsowitz
Jeff and Amy Koon
Kroger Foundation
Diane and Mack Land
Betty Lane
Eva Lang and Scott LeMay
Tracy LaRoy
Lucinda Lea
Liz Ledbetter
Diane Lee-Smth
Wylodene and Bob Lewis
Andrea Loughry
Julie Lowery
Mackey and Abigail Luffman
Mark Manley
Betsy and David Manning
Sarah Martino
Mary Glynne Massey
Emily Matheny
Susan and Richard Mattson
Charlotte and Tom McAnally
Linda McAnally
Debbie McCormick
Jeff and Sarah McCormick
Carol and Kim McDonough
Leigh McKee
Carolyn Aldrich Miller
Bill Miller
Mary Mitchell
Elizabeth Moore
Noel Moran Vickers
Barbara and Charles David Morgan
Danny and Tanner Morris
Susan and Lee Moss
Murfreesboro Breakfast Rotary Club Foundation
Murfreesboro Oral Surgery
Kennard Murray
Jim Neely
Dawson Nicholson
Susan Nicholson
Rev. Carolyn Nobling
Alice Nunnery
Rev. Michael O’Bannon
Don Olm
Debbie Owens
Judith and Roger Parker
Lucas and Jennifer Parris
Katie and David Parrish
Tyler and Libby Peterson
Keith Phelps
Angela Pigue
Murfreesboro Pinnacle Financial Partners
Alexia Poe
Ellie Price
Luke and April Pruett
Patti and Frank Rankin
Jennifer and David Rawlings
Marqunia Ray
Martha Redding
Casey Reed
Regions Bank – Clarksville
Sara and Edward Ringley
Ralph and Jane Roach
Seth Roberts
Deborah and Harry Robinson
Martha and Rev. Jim Robinson
Mary Linn Sadler
Lori and Doug Schmidt
Shannon Schuhlein
Laura and Tom Scott
Rhea Seddon
Caroline Seehorn
Kathy and Robert Seltzer
Gary and Rhonda Shepard
Carrie and Peter Sherrill
Emily Sherrod
Barbara Shields
Glenda and Gary Shorb
Peggy Sichveland
Cameron and David Simmons
James and Melody Sipes
Therese Sipes
Haley Smith
Smyrna First Cornerstone Circle – TN Conference UMW
Garry Speich
Mattie and Paul Stewart
Rowena Stokowski
Jim and Starr Strickland
Sam and Lane Suppa
Marty Svoboda
Betty Jane and Larry Taylor
TEK Alliance Group
Katherine Telford
The HCA Foundation
The Nashville Food Project
Peggy Thomas
Shelley Thomas
Terrice Thomas
Wendy Tompkins
Butler and Rev. Martha Touchton
Janice Tracy
Rhonda and Tim Tracy
Lisa Trail
Byron Trauger
Sandra Untch
Betty Jean Vaughn
Beverly Wagner
Jonathan Waldrop
Rev. Mike and Becky Waldrop
Doris and Bob Waldschmidt
Thomas and Tammy Walker
Andrea and Kevin Walkup
Mary Wallace
Matthew Warnick
Jennifer Weaver
Thaddeus Wert
Rod and Cynthia West
Jerry and Nancy Westbrook
Joyce Wiggins
Matthew Wiggins
Sarah Wilke and Nancy Kruh
Margaret Williams
Arnell Willis
Lacy and Jared Wilson
Liz Wilson
James Witherspoon
Kay and Tom Wolohon
Beth Woodruff
Eddie and Wynona Wyatt
Sarah and Todd Yann
Carl Zehner
Ellen Zinkiewicz and Gary Boling

The following gifts were given
November 1, 2021 through January
31, 2022. If you feel there is an error in
your reported giving, please contact
Courtney Lawson at