Two Project Transformation Tennessee alumni have been selected to lead new PT Chapters in Washington, DC and Indiana, respectively. This comes as part of the work of Project Transformation National, based in Dallas, to facilitate sustainable replication of the model across the country.

Rachel Luna of Franklin, Tenn. served in PT Tennessee’s inaugural class of interns in 2012, as Site Coordinator at Sixty-First Avenue United Methodist Church. As a young child, Rachel struggled to read and gives credit to her parents who had the financial means to provide the help she needed. As a PT intern, Rachel recognized the struggle she saw in many of her PT children — “the only difference,” she says, “is that my family could afford the necessary tutors and specialists.”

“My time at PT was transformative,” Rachel says. “I began to understand how truly fortunate I am, but more so felt moved by God to work for change.” Rachel points to Project Transformation as what helped her to discern her own calling that eventually led her to Washington DC, where she earned a Masters degree in Theological Studies at Wesley Theological Seminary. In November, she was announced as Executive Director of Project Transformation DC, which will host its first summer in 2018.

Sarah Fuquay of Indianapolis, Indiana served two summers (2014-2015) with PT Tennessee in leadership at Antioch United Methodist Church. Through her service, she experienced a call to bring the program back to her hometown of Indianapolis.

“I’m excited and humbled to be selected as the first executive director of PT Indiana,” Fuquay said. “I’m looking forward to being a catalyst to bring the community together in ways that haven’t happened here before. I’m also excited about connecting college students to so many kids who are in need, and I am hoping PT will help our interns find their own calling and purpose in life just as I did.”

Sarah is a graduate of Butler University with a bachelor’s degree in sociology and social work, and she is now pursuing a certificate in nonprofit executive leadership from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.

With the addition of these new chapters, Project Transformation will operate in nine United Methodist Conferences across the country in 2018. Each chapter harnesses the energy and passion of PT alumni to establish and grow.

“This is what PT is all about—empowering and equipping young people to be leaders and change agents,” says Courtney Aldrich, Executive Director of Project Transformation Tennessee. “We’re thankful for Rachel and Sarah’s visionary leadership and look forward to serving with our two new sister chapters in DC and Indiana.”








This news release was adapted from PT ALUMNI TO LEAD NEWEST CHAPTERS by Project Transformation National. Click here for the original release.