What is our envisioned future if we succeed in our mission at Project Transformation? Following a year-long process that engaged Project Transformation leaders and stakeholders from across the country, we have a clearer answer than ever to that question.

Our mission is to transform communities by engaging children, college-age young adults, and churches in purposeful relationships.


We envision a world that is rooted in love, pursues the equity of all people, and amplifies God’s call on every life.

Project Transformation’s new mission underscores our ultimate purpose: to transform communities. At PT, community transformation is about the restoration of relationships with God and neighbor. Our model intentionally connects three specific groups – children, college-age young adults, and churches – in relationship, which is the primary medium through which transformation happens. In an increasingly isolated and disconnected society, PT creates connection – to neighbor, to God, and to ourselves – through cultivating diverse and transformative relationships that transcend racial, socioeconomic, and generational boundaries.

Our new vision describes how we understand God’s dream for the world. It reflects our faith in a God who transforms us and the broken systems in our world and who calls us to embody love and work for justice.
Grounded in our core values, this new vision pulls us forward, challenging us in three ways:
1)     To embody the love of God in all relationships so that we may build community across lines of human difference;
2)     To pursue the equity of all people, moving us away from charity toward justice, away from service to solidarity; and

3)     To amplify God’s call on every life by creating welcoming communities where every person is encouraged to live in wholeness as their true, authentic self.

Finally, to align with our vision and mission, we are also unveiling a new tagline for Project Transformation:

These three phrases – Relationships Grow. Leaders Emerge. Communities Change. – succinctly tell our story and reflect our theory of change. As relationships grow among children, young adults, and churches, servant leaders emerge, compelled to live into their calling and work with God in transforming communities.

We invite you to join us in imagining what our world might look like when we are creating communities that are rooted in love, pursue the equity of all people, and amplify God’s call on every life.

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With great hope,

Eric Lindh
CEO, PT National