Project Transformation provides leadership development and ministry exploration experiences for young adults. In turn, these young adults implement academic, social-emotional, and spiritual programming for children and youth.

Relationships of mutuality are at the heart of Project Transformation’s program model and praxis.

Programs are operated in churches located in under-resourced communities to help build relationship and connection between churches and neighbors. Our evidence-based program model, focusing on these three “C”s: Children, College students, Churches, addresses three, unique challenges in one collaborative program. The transformation that happens through relationships across the three Cs is integrated, interdisciplinary, multi-directional and mutually enriching.

Project Transformation gave me the opportunity to not only grow as a leader but also the chance to walk in my purpose and calling in life.
– PT North Texas Alumna


Over 2,500 young adults have served with Project Transformation since 1998.

In a recent alumni survey:

  • 90% reported that Project Transformation helped them develop a more holistic understanding of their vocation and calling in life
  • 92% feel more prepared for future leadership in the church or community
  • 73% reported that Project Transformation was “influential” or “very influential” in pursuing other ministry and service opportunities
  • 76% have stayed active in some form of ministry or volunteer service
  • 48% have been employed by the church or other ministry organization
  • 17% have pursued or are pursuing theological education


  • 3,200 underserved children and youth participate annually in summer and after-school programs
  • 97% of participants maintain or improve their reading levels over the summer months


of children and youth maintain or improve their reading levels over the summer


  • 43 host churches in under-resourced communities provide the program annually
  • 239 partner churches support the ministry annually
  • 5,286 volunteers serve over 30,000 hours annually