Project Transformation uses a proven model that has been successfully replicated in nine different regions of the country. We have demonstrated effectiveness in achieving three critical objectives:

1) Developing the leadership skills of young adults while fostering their exploration of vocational opportunities in ministry or service;

2) Building the literacy, social-emotional, and spiritual development of children from communities that are under-resourced while igniting in them a lifelong love of learning;

3) Supporting churches in ministry with their neighbors.

Impact Reports:

2021-22 Annual Report
2020-21 Annual Report
2019-20 Annual Report


College Students
College age young adults are increasingly seeking out ways to connect their purpose, faith, and work and discern their calling

4 out of 5 children from under-resourced backgrounds are reading behind grade level. Lack of summer learning is a key contributor to the growing opportunity gap

Churches increasingly need additional human resources and program support to connect with their surrounding communities

Project Transformation taught me how to lead well and how to love well. It gave me a passion for underserved communities. Ultimately, PT taught me to have a holistic view of what my calling is.
– North Texas Alumna



Project Transformation provides leadership development and ministry exploration experiences for young adults. In turn, these young adults implement academic, social-emotional, and spiritual programming for children and youth living in communities that are under-resourced.