PT’s uniqueness is its capacity to attract high-potential college interns, large numbers of United Methodist churches and volunteers of all ages, and local community partnerships and then engage this diverse set individuals in the fulfillment of the mission. This culture of grassroots connectionalism is the leverage needed for meaningful and lasting change in local communities. Here’s what we believe about connectional ministry:

  • We believe in the power of the church’s connectional nature
  • We believe the local church is an essential partner in community transformation
  • We create partnerships, where the mutual investment of neighbors, volunteers, and churches multiplies resources and assets

Catch the vision of Project Transformation and take time this week to get connected to your local community!

LEARN: Project Transformation continues to grow in new parts of the country. Read more about its newest chapters in Indiana and Washington, D.C. here!

 ACT: Make a list of local places you haven’t been before. Then, go local this week! Drink local coffee, shop locally-owned businesses, or get involved at your local library or school.

REFLECT:  Get connected! Take some time to reflect on your faith with a small group of friends or your small group at church. Ask the Wesleyan question, “How is it with your soul?” and take turns sharing responses. Think more about how you and your church could connect in meaningful ways with your community. For resources and information about the role of Wesleyan small groups, click here!