This week, we highlight the powerful ministry of Project Transformation Washington, D.C. and our core value of Holistic Development. At Project Transformation, we believe learning engages and develops the whole self: mind, body, and spirit. We believe that every child and community has unique assets and the right to thrive. We believe that spiritual formation is an essential part of development. We develop literacy and social-emotional skills and knowledge for future success. We seek to inspire a love of learning with a positive, fun-filled, experiential, and relational environment.

When Jordan came to Project Transformation in D.C., he not only found a great place to read and play, he found a home away from home, a very diverse extended family. His mother, Denise, shares about her son’s experience:

Jordan’s grown up with one background of people. Here (at PTDC) it is different for him. At first, he was like ‘Who are these people?’ and then it became love, and now, like everyone is the same to him…The relationships between them (the interns) and Jordan, I can almost not describe it. It was almost like an aunt and uncle type relationship…There wasn’t a lot of fakeness… It was like a family environment.

While many parents send their children to Project Transformation to ensure their child reads and learns in the summer, Jordan’s mother reminds us that camp becomes so much more than that. Project Transformation is about being able to show up and bring your whole self: your mind, body, and soul. Jordan’s mother shared the progress she’s seen in her son over the course of 8-weeks. “For me it was more than a literacy thing, it was everything. To me, (PT) is everything–social skills, friendships, eating healthy… He now asks for salad for dinner. He learned self-confidence. He learned how to control his emotions. He learned to say, ‘Give me a minute. I’m having a break down,’ instead of storming off. From the beginning to the end, for me, it’s the emotional part for Jordan. He is more loving and empathetic.”

We give thanks for parents like Denise, who entrust us with their precious children. We give thanks for children like Jordan, who take risks and open themselves to new places and young adults, even when it’s hard. We give thanks for young adults and passionate staff who help create space, over and over again, for healthy relationships to form, for life-long learning to thrive, for trust to be built and earned, and for love to grow. At Project Transformation, God works in families, children and interns to grow and develop our whole selves, our whole communities! Thank you for your continued prayers and support of this ministry across the country!