Project Transformation Tennessee is expanding operations to the Memphis Conference this summer! Under the leadership of 17 college interns, the summer program will serve approximately 100 children in two site churches located in low-income neighborhoods. This expansion comes after two years of prayer and planning by PT Tennessee and conference and church leaders in Memphis. The needs in Memphis are evident: 70% of third graders in Memphis read below grade level; the number of young adult clergy in the Memphis Conference continues to plummet; and urban churches often struggle to connect with their changing communities. Project Transformation is sure to make a tremendous impact in transforming lives of children, college interns, and of church communities. PT National is proud to support this expansion and the continued work of PT Tennessee.


PT National is also excited to approve its newest chapter, Project Transformation Central Texas, which is planning to launch its first summer program in 2017. As a close neighbor of PT North Texas, church and community leaders in Fort Worth have been aware of and participated in Project Transformation North Texas’ programs over the years, and are eager to bring this successful model of ministry to support underserved children, equip young leaders, and energize the local church to be in ministry with their neighbors in exciting new ways. PT National is thrilled to welcome a new chapter into the network. PT Central Texas recently launched a search for its first executive director. For more information, contact Rev. Philip Rhodes,