Since Project Transformation’s founding in 1998, our core purpose has not changed significantly; however, over the past year, PT National worked with chapter leaders to redefine our values and mission. As more new chapters join the growing PT network, our core values will be essential in guiding us as we scale our impact and fuel a national movement. We are excited to share these values with you:

Wesleyan Practice of Faith
Mutual Relationships
Intentional Community
Connectional Ministry
Discernment of Purpose
Empowerment of Young People
Servant Leadership
Holistic Development

Our Wesleyan practice of faith is foundational in our culture and values as mutual relationships are the method through which all core values are realized. Our mission has also been updated to better reflect our core values:

Our mission is to engage young adults in purposeful leadership and ministry, support children in holistic development, and connect churches with communities.

Over the summer, we will be focusing on each of these eight values in more detail. Follow PT National on Twitter or like us on Facebook to get these and other updates!