We are excited to announce a new partnership with the Missional Wisdom Foundation to deepen the vocational discernment and theological reflection for young adults serving with Project Transformation. With support from the Young Clergy Initiative and the Forum for Theological Exploration, Project Transformation National launched an initiative in 2017 aimed at developing common language and practices around young adult vocational discernment across the Project Transformation network. Following a national gathering in October 2017 with representatives from all eight Project Transformation chapters, we refined our program design and intervention strategies around four key elements to improve young adult vocational discernment: 1) Identify Formation, 2) Intentional Community, 3) Servant Leadership, and 4) Spiritual Disciplines.

One of the projects that developed from this retreat was a partnership with the Missional Wisdom Foundation, a nonprofit that experiments with and teaches about alternative forms of Christian community. Through this partnership, we developed a summer guidebook, which will be used this summer by over 400 young adults and leaders of Project Transformation. The guidebook is designed to be a resource to assist young adults on a daily basis to fully engage in their summer experience – from community dinner conversations, to morning devotions, to weekly worship services, to individual prayer and reflection, and to weekly Friday Experiences where young adults explore various vocational opportunities in ministry and service.

“The Missional Wisdom Foundation has been working for several years to find the right avenue to contribute to the spiritual development and vocational discernment of undergraduate college students,” noted Larry Duggins, Executive Director of the Missional Wisdom Foundation. “When the opportunity to work in partnership with Project Transformation emerged, we were delighted to join with a leading national ministry with so much experience in this critical area.  We believe that the guidebook will be a wonderful resource to shape future Christian leaders through their PT experience.”

Eric Lindh, CEO of Project Transformation National, added, “We have long admired the work and ministry of the Missional Wisdom Foundation. In fact, several PT alumni have gone on to live in some of Missional Wisdom Foundation’s intentional communities. At Project Transformation, we believe in fostering an intentional environment of practice and self-reflection to help young adults on their journey of discerning their call and vocation. The guidebook will further enhance the spiritual development and vocational discernment that young adults experience at Project Transformation. We are deeply appreciative Larry’s shared vision and leadership on this project and for the excellent writing and design work of Stephanie Evelyn McKellar and Wendi Bernau of the Missional Wisdom Foundation.”