PT National is thrilled to announce the approval of two new Project Transformation chapters: PT Indiana and PT Washington DC! With the addition of these two chapters, Project Transformation will be operating in nine United Methodist conferences by summer 2018! Once again, the creation of these chapters was driven by the passion and entrepreneurial spirit of several PT alumni who want to see this ministry established in more parts of the country.

Over the last few years, a number of Project Transformation alumni relocated to Washington, D.C., with several attending Wesley Theological Seminary. As these alumni shared their stories of impact from Project Transformation with local pastors and community members, interest in starting Project Transformation in DC grew. During the past year,  a core leadership team of PT alumni, United Methodist pastors, community organizers, campus ministers, and leaders from Wesley Theological Seminary began raising awareness and support for launching a new chapter of Project Transformation to help  young adults explore their vocational call while working to close the achievement gap in some of the poorest communities in our nation’s capital.

Rachel Luna (left) is a member of the leadership team in DC and brings several years of experience with Project Transformation in North Texas and Tennessee.

As the DC core leadership team stated, “Washington DC is not a normal city and Project Transformation is not a normal summer program. The PT model works for the District because the model molds to the needs of DC while keeping what makes PT unique.” We are excited to see all that God will do through Project Transformation in DC in 2018 and beyond!







Under the leadership of PT Tennessee alumna, Sarah Fuquay, a steering committee formed in 2016 to explore the possibility of bringing Project Transformation to Indiana. In the last few years, the Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church began aligning its missional efforts with the UMC’s Four Areas of Focus. With this realignment, Project Transformation will help three areas specifically: Engaging in Ministry with the Poor, Developing Principled Christian Leaders, and Renewing Congregations. In addition to Sarah’s leadership and experience with PT, several members of

Sarah Fuquay, PT Tennessee alumna and Indiana leadership team member, with a PT Tennessee participant.

the Indiana core leadership team bring connections with Project Transformation, including Dr. Aleze Fulbright, the Director of Leadership Development for the Indiana United Methodist Conference and former board member for PT North Texas. Dr. Fulbright’s son, Myron, is also currently serving his third summer with PT North Texas. The PT Indiana summer program is slated to begin in the Indianapolis area in 2018. PT National is excited to work with this new chapter to establish a strong foundation for this connectional ministry to take root and flourish in the Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church.