We are excited to share Project Transformation National’s 2018-2019 Annual Report with you. This year marks PT National’s 5th year of service in support of Project Transformation’s network of affiliated chapters.
In this report, you will find a timeline of Project Transformation’s growth and impact over its 21-year history, a snapshot of how PT National’s investment in young adult leaders is fueling the continued growth and development of this movement, as well as our plans for the future. We are also excited to share a new video that highlights the stories of impact taking place at Project Transformation around the country.
While Project Transformation’s model of ministry continues to grow and evolve, our theory of change remains constant: individual and community transformation happens through relationships. It is because of your support and shared belief in our mission that these stories of impact are possible. Thank you!

2018-19 Annual Report

New Video Highlights PT’s Impact across the Country