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The summer before my senior year of high school, I was introduced to Project Transformation and its LITES (Leaders In Training Experience) program. At the time, I was just looking for a place to volunteer in my neighborhood, but what I found was so much greater. Project Transformation quickly felt like a second home – a place where I felt safe, accepted, and encouraged to grow. I always felt supported by my fellow LITES and the amazing group of interns that served at my site. My experience that summer was truly life changing, and it’s something I’ll always be grateful for.

After high school I decided to continue my journey with Project Transformation by applying to be an intern. My first year of interning was amazing. I honestly couldn’t believe that I got to be like the interns who inspired me during my first summer with PT. For me, the transition from participant to intern felt natural; it was something I wanted to do since day one. My first summer as an intern was in 2013, and I see it as a turning point in my life. That summer I fell in love with service and knew that I wanted to continue serving my community in any capacity that I could. For the next three summers I continued to serve as an intern, and each summer I’ve learned more about myself, made incredible friends, and have had the opportunity to serve some of the most wonderful children in the city of Dallas. I honestly can’t imagine my life at this point without my experiences at PT. Currently, I’m a graduate student pursuing a MS in Public Leadership at UNT Dallas, and someday I hope to be working for an organization like Project Transformation.

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