In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Project Transformation listened to the needs of our communities, closely monitored the guidelines of federal and local governments, and worked diligently with our board of directors, PT National, and community partners to plan our response to this crisis. Our decision-making process for the summer program is guided by the following key principles:

  • We commit to meet the real needs in our community in the midst of this crisis, though they may be different than what we’ve encountered before.
  • We commit to stay true to PT’s values, vision, and mission even if we entertain new models and methods.
  • We commit to good stewardship of our human and financial resources, to maximize our assets in ways that benefit the whole and look to the future beyond this crisis.
  • We commit to the highest-quality programming possible for children, youth and young adults.

As we all continue to adjust to life during a pandemic, Project Transformation DC is launching a Virtual After School Program this fall! We are excited to use what we learned this summer to support our children and families during this time. Our staff had the chance to hear parents share how their children enjoyed reading and connecting with volunteers and other kids in Virtual Circles during our summer program. Based on these conversations, we decided to provide a new resource for our families throughout the school year. We know that families and children all over the country are struggling with how to adapt to distance or hybrid learning at this moment in time. Project Transformation DC & Baltimore is offering a space of connection and support through our After School Virtual Circles that will take place Tuesday-Thursday from 4:00-5:00 starting Tuesday, September 22. At this moment, our plan is to continue the After School Program through December and to evaluate the ongoing need in November to decide if we will continue through the spring semester.




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