Project Transformation Central Texas does not discriminate against eligible participants because of such factors as race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, or political beliefs.

Job Descriptions

General Intern –  Works with grades 1-6 (ages 5-13), leading age appropriate programming throughout the day.

Reading Coordinator – (Prior PT Experience Preferred; transferrable studies or experience required) – Administers literacy assessments of each student and the literacy skill development programming for participants, management of libraries at sites. RC’s will be responsible for collection and management of participant reading and volunteer data. This role also trains and engages with volunteers.

Site Coordinator – (Prior PT Experience Preferred) Site Team lead, handles administrative tasks related to their site, coordinates with church and volunteers, and serves as liaison between: teammates, team and PT staff, team and host church staff/supervisor/pastor.

House Pastor – (21 years old and up, Prior PT Experience Required) Seasonal summer staff serving as a residential leader and pastoral guide for all PT Interns at the dorms, and taking responsibility for community life and weekly worship experiences. Also provides general care for interns at the dorms. Ideal for seminary students or those interested in ministry to college aged young adults, or even those interested in the counseling field. Report to the Program Director, work closely with the PT Staff, SCs, and interns. There is a separate application process for the House Pastor position.  Please send an email to for more information abou this process.


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