Summer Internship

Project Transformation’s faith-based summer internship program for young adults offers hands-on opportunities to build mutually enriching relationships with underserved children, live in intentional community, experience cultural and socio-economic diversity, and explore various careers in ministry and service.

These are the primary components to the Project Transformation internship experience:

Leading Children’s Program
Project Transformation interns work in teams to implement a seven-week summer day camp for 30 to 55 elementary children. Programs are hosted by churches in the heart of under-resourced neighborhoods. Components of the program include: a one-on-one reading program, social-emotional learning, art, recreation, and other activities in which the gifts and talents of the interns can be shared with the children.

Living in Community
An integral component of Project Transformation’s summer internship is the opportunity to live in intentional community throughout the internship experience. Interns live together and experience daily life in a diverse, faith-centered community. Interns are encouraged to participate in social activities and build relationships with other members of the community.

The thing that had the biggest impact on me was the relationships I built both with interns and the children. They made me feel so loved and important.
- Summer 2018 Intern

Vocational Exploration & Spiritual Development
Project Transformation invests in the professional and spiritual development of each intern, emphasizing the importance of community. On Fridays, interns are exposed to various vocational opportunities in service or ministry through guest speakers, field trips, and interactions with community leaders. Each week, intern-led worship is an opportunity for spiritual growth, plus there is an optional opportunity for small group discussion or bible study.

Church Involvement
On some Sunday mornings, interns participate in worship at their host church with their team. This is an opportunity to connect the church family to the program and its families so that sustainable relationships are established during the summer. Beyond this, interns may help connect partner churches with the program by sharing their experience.


The dates for this service experience are May 21- July 26, 2022. This includes a week of pre-program training and seven weeks of day camp.

  • Young adults will live in community housing provided through Project Transformation. Dinners will be provided most evenings. Interns are responsible for their own meals Friday lunch-Sunday lunch. One night per week, the interns participate in a group worship service.
  • During their summer of service, interns must make this commitment their top priority. It is a full-time job of 40 hours each week. Project Transformation does not recommend having additional commitments, such as summer school or a part-time job.
  • On Fridays, the interns explore vocations in ministry and service through field trips and dialogue with the leadership of various partnering non-profit organizations, ministries, and businesses.
  • Most programming takes place on Monday thru Friday afternoons. However, on Sunday mornings, interns may be asked to attend worship at their host church to connect with the host congregation and families in the community or speak at a partner church about their experience.

Working with Project Transformation in the summer exceeds participating in a summer job and crosses into a service experience. While much is expected of each intern, much is given in return in the form of love from the kids, support and fun from living in a community, and the energy created by exploring your own personal potential to impact the world around you.


Total compensation package includes stipend+ housing + most meals + training + gear

Applications for Summer 2022 are now closed