Summer Internship

A PT summer holds experiences that you will never forget: dancing, laughing, realizing a passion, witnessing the profound love of God.

Here’s a quick overview of what our interns do:

  • Support children and families
  • Cultivate intentional Christian community with other young adult interns
  • Learn from Christ-centered church and community leaders
  • Explore faith in action

In many ways working with Project Transformation in the summer program exceeds participating in a summer job and crosses into a summer life. The time expectations can be great, but the potential for personal rewards that come from this kind of commitment are even greater. While much is expected of each intern, much is given in return in the form of love from children and families, support and fun from the community, and the energy created by exploring your own personal potential to impact the world around you.

There’s no way we ever could fully explain a PT summer, so feel free to reach out to us. Email Ellie Crain at with any questions.

You can also view a sample intern weekly schedule here.

PT interns make me feel safe and they push me forward and encourage me to go to college!
- Faustina, grade 4

Service Opportunities

There are several ways for young adults to serve during the summer internship.  Returning applicants can apply to serve as a Site Coordinator, leading and empowering a team of interns at a specific summer program site.  New and returning applicants can apply to serve as a House Pastor. You can learn more the House Pastor position here.

Interns can serve in a variety of roles, for example:

Reading Volunteer Coordinator (RVC)

This PT Intern loves reading and loves people. In short, the RVC hosts our reading volunteers. This leader greets volunteers, trains them, and pairs them with children to read one-on-one or in small groups. The RVC oversees reading time, making sure that children and volunteers are engaged, having fun, and building relationships with one another! The RVC works very closely with the Reading Program Coordinator (RPC) to track student progress over the summer and to plan and lead afternoon literacy activities.

Reading Program Coordinator (RPC)

This PT Intern never gets tired of practicing the ABCs! The RPC runs our “Reading Rockstars” program for beginning readers. This leader works with volunteers to teach hands-on literacy activities in a group setting, with the goal of getting students better ready for school when they return in the fall. The RPC develops their own literacy activities based on the interests and needs of their children, and is in close communication with PT staff about what tools are needed for children to be successful in improving their reading skills. The RPC works very closely with the Reading Volunteer Coordinator (RVC) to track student progress over the summer and to plan and lead afternoon literacy activities.

Young Artists Coordinator

This PT Intern is never short of colored pencils or good dance moves! The Young Artists Coordinator runs the program that supports child learning in visual arts, theater, creative writing, poetry, music, dance, and more! It’s the Young Artists Coordinator’s job to spark creativity in children, help them learn new and fun ways of self-expression, build self-confidence, and gain an appreciation of the arts.

Movement Minutes Coordinator

This PT Intern is usually referred to as “Coach” and will most definitely need a whistle on their lanyard. The Movement Minutes Coordinator runs the physical activity part of the summer program. (Basketball, Sharks and Minnows, and Freeze Tag are just a few of our favorite games.) It’s this intern’s job to promote wellness and healthy living, build teamwork, and increase self-confidence among children!

Team Captain

This PT Intern know each child’s strengths and needs like the back of their hand. The Team Captain stays with their group of children for the entire day, supporting the Reading, Art, and Movement Minutes interns during their instruction time. It’s the Team Captain’s role to support and encourage learning in all areas…and come up with really fun chants for their group i.e. “WHERE MY PINK PANTHERS AT? RIGHT HERE! RIGHT HERE!“

Middle School Program Intern

Middle School interns create a fun, high-energy, relational environment for youth (middle schoolers) to feel safe, build confidence, and cultivate leadership through engaging activities. Interns are responsible for implementing curriculum that nurtures belonging and fosters a love for reading through STEAM activities, project-based learning, and creative arts. Program components include: icebreakers, discussion circles, independent reading, TAG time, book clubs and journaling. We all know that middle school is tough, so join us as we make it better!

Application Process

Are you up for this?  Apply today!  Competitive applicants will be dynamic young adults who:

  • Desire to serve God and neighbor
  • Believe in laughter, dancing, and life beyond comfort zones
  • Get excited about new people and experiences
  • Are willing to sit with the unknown
  • Want to harness their skills to make an impact
  • Have hope for a better world

Contact information for 3 references are required to complete the application. Applicants must have completed one year of college or be at least 19 years old before the internship begins, and must have the legal right to work in the U.S.

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