“Strengthen Others by Leading” by Shamari Steele

When I first joined Project Transformation North Texas, I thought it was a great opportunity for me to not work at a fast food job again for the summer and to get a scholarship to help my family fund my education. Still, it was more than that. It was about helping kids reach their goals in life. 

Education is a precious asset to me and I want to be able to spread that to others who don’t get the opportunity. The first day of the Summer Program helped me expand on this idea, and as the last couple of weeks progressed, I got to know the kids more and be able to understand how I can assist them with their needs. 

I also got to appreciate my team’s dynamic in these past couple of weeks and how to work with them more efficiently. I have gotten to know my teammates on a deeper level and the kids on a deeper level.

This program is helping me fulfill my need to work with kids in the future as a Child Psychiatrist. I hope that I can truly transform the kids’ lives and mine as well along the way. I hope what I learn from PT, I can take with me to college and beyond. I have learned things already from PT. 

I am more than what people say about me. I am more than where I come from. I am a leader and I can strengthen others by leading. I hope to be able to encourage the kids in this program to reach their goals with reading after the Summer Program ends so that they can reach their full potential!