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#callingsummer2018 We hope to have all offers made by the end of March, but we will continue to take applications through May 15th 2018.

Project Transformation must receive three complete references from professional sources. References may include teachers, employers, pastors, coaches, etc. – (references from family members will NOT be considered). It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure your references respond in a timely manner.

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Quick Job Descriptions:

Summer of Service (May 27, 2017-August 3, 2018) – Scroll down this page to see the summer roles available! #callingsummer2018

After School Program (September 1, 2017-May 4, 2018) – Click the link for details. Great for work study off campus! Part Time and Minimum Time options available.

Year of Service (September 1, 2017-August 3, 2018) – Click the link for details. It’s the After School Program + The Summer Program, which = a great gap year and/or recent graduate experience! Full Time and Part Time Options available.

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Self-starter? Want to grow? Love working with Kids or Youth? Servant Leader? Heart for others? Searching for your purpose? Resourceful? Resilient?

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Roles for Summer 2018

All Summer Positions are Full-Time. Programming with children/youth is Monday-Thursday. Fridays are set aside for career exploration. Service dates: May 27, 2017-August 3, 2018 (leadership roles will start a few days earlier for leadership training)

Elementary Team Member –  Works with grades 1-5 (ages 5-12), leading age appropriate programming throughout the day.

Youth Team Member – Works with grades 6-9 (ages 12-15), leading age appropriate programming throughout the day.

Youth Coordinator – (Returners Preferred but transferrable experience/leadership skills required) Works with grades 6-9 (ages 12-15), leading age appropriate programming throughout the day, acts as the youth team representative who will report to the Youth and LITE Program Manager.

LITE Coordinator(21 or older required, Prior PT Experience Preferred; transferrable experience and leadership skills required) Works with grades 10-12 (ages 15-18), managing youth as volunteers in the morning, and leading programming in the afternoon.

Reading Coordinator – (Prior PT Experience Preferred; transferrable studies or experience required) – Administers literacy assessments of each student and the literacy skill development programming for either Elementary or Youth participants, management of libraries at sites.

Volunteer Coordinator(Prior PT Experience Preferred; transferrable leadership skills, experience, or studies a plus.) Public-relations and volunteer oriented, this role trains and engages with site visitors as well as volunteers. They also assist the Reading Coordinator and the Reading Curriculum Coordinator.

Reading Curriculum Coordinator(Prior PT RC Experience Required) Supports reading programming for both elementary and youth participants at several sites as well as management of book coding and distribution at sites, and giveaways throughout the summer.

Site Coordinator(Prior PT Experience Required-can include ASP SC experience) Site Team lead, handles administrative tasks related to their site, coordinates with church and volunteers, and serves as liaison between: teammates, team and PT staff, team and site staff/supervisor/pastor.

House Pastor(21 years old and up, Prior PT Experience Required, with the exception of the SMU Perkins intern) Seasonal summer staff serving as an RA and a pastoral guide for all PT Corps Members at the houses and taking responsibility for community life and weekly worship experiences. Handles administrative responsibilities and also provides general care for members at the housing.  Ideal for seminary students or those interested in ministry to college aged young adults, Wesley Foundation leaders, or even those interested in the counseling field. Report to the College Program Manager, work closely with the PT Staff, SCs, PQCs, and members. This is a Non-AmeriCorps role.

Program Quality Coach(Prior PT Experience of at least 2 years Required) Seasonal Summer Staff. Perform data tracking and entry, model curriculum implementation and classroom management for site teams, reports directly to the Director of Programming and Leadership Development, acts as Mentor to 2-3 site teams during the summer and coach performance for all things at the sites during the day. Work closely with the members, PT Staff, HPs, and SCs. This is a Non-AmeriCorps role.

(If you experience any problems with your application, please contact College Program Manager, Elspeth Allen Glaubitz, in the Project Transformation North Texas office at 214-946-3600 or