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Over 1,000 young adults have completed an AmeriCorps service term with Project Transformation. After hearing their questions, we assume you may have some of the same. Please, don’t hesitate to call the Project Transformation North Texas office at 214.946.3600 if you need any further information or would like to connect to a young adult who has participated in the experience before.

Summer Term of Service FAQs

  • Is this a paid position?
  • Yes, the summer of service will receive $3,900 living stipend (paycheck distributed on the 15th and the last day of the month) AND a $1,678.57 education voucher.
  • Can I take a summer class at the same time? Or work an additional job part time?
  • No, Project Transformation summer PT Corps Members must commit to full-time service. The time commitment to our program will not permit any class or part-time job.
  • Do I get any time off?
  • Yes, summer PT Corps Members have Friday afternoon – Saturday evening free.
  • Do we get the 4th of July off?
  • Yes. We observe the July 4th holiday.
  • What if I don’t have a home church?
  • Having a home church has no bearing on your participation as a PT Corps Member. However, PT is strongly supported by churches throughout North Texas, and you may be linked to a partner church here to support you during your service term.
  • What if my church can't commit to all of the obligations set out in the Partner Church Letter of Commitment?
  • Project Transformation staff will work with each intern and his/her partner church in order to fulfill the obligations.
  • Does Project Transformation provide transportation to/from intern housing and the church sites?
  • Project Transformation will designate one person to drive every day to the church sites. PT will then reimburse for mileage for that specific driver.
  • Can I bring my musical instrument or art supplies with me?
  • Yes, please do! Your instruments and art supplies will be a great asset to both the Bible study experience with your fellow interns as well as for worship.Yes, please do! Your instruments and art supplies will be a great asset to both the Bible study experience with your fellow PT Corps Members as well as for the worship.
  • Are housing and meals provided?
  • Yes, PT Corps Members will live together in housing provided on the SMU campus. Self-serve breakfast items will be available each morning and lunch with the children will be provided at each site on program days. Volunteer groups from our partner churches provide dinners some evenings and stay to share in the fellowship with the PT Corps Members. You will be responsible for providing your own food during your time off (Friday afternoon – Sunday lunch).
  • Where will I live? Will I have a roommate?
  • PT Corps Members live together in one of three houses on the SMU campus if serving in the Dallas program and on the Austin College campus if serving in the Sherman/Denison program. You will have a roommate.
  • What do I need to bring?
  • The summer of service housing is like living in a dorm. A packing list will be provided upon your acceptance, but you will need to bring bedding for a twin-size bed, bathroom supplies, casual clothes to wear each day at site (including gym shoes), church clothes, swimsuit (one piece for ladies), sunscreen. Optional items include a computer, stereo, musical instrument, and car.
  • What items should I not bring for the summer?
  • Do not bring mini refrigerators, microwaves, candles or extension cords. TV’s, VCR’s, DVD players, laptops, computers, printers, DVD’s, and CD’s can be brought at your own risk.
  • Do I have to attend my site church service each Sunday?
  • While not mandatory, attending church at your site is a great way to engage the congregation and be exposed to the complete urban church experience. This is also an opportunity for you to take on a leadership position in the church service by leading the children’s sermon, offering a prayer, leading music, or others. Your presence in the church service will encourage the participating children and youth to attend as well.
  • Can I bring my cell phone?
  • Yes, cell phones are permitted. However, during program hours, cell phones must not be used for personal reasons.
  • Will I have Internet access?
  • All of the rooms at SMU are Internet ready.
  • Can I get time off for weddings, special circumstances, etc? How should I request it?
  • Taking time off is not encouraged; however getting time off for special events is a possibility. You must make a request to the Project Transformation recruiting coordinator as soon as you know the dates. Time off is granted dependent on the nature of the activity and how far in advance it is requested. It is recommended that time off from the summer program is discussed during the interview process whenever possible.
  • Can my friends/family visit me at the house or program site?
  • Yes, family and friends are encouraged to volunteer at the site. They may also come and tour the house. However, it is important that the house be a place of community for the PT Corps Members. We do not permit them to stay overnight at the house.
  • What is an education voucher? What can it be applied to?
  • An education voucher is similar to a gift certificate. As an AmeriCorps program, PT Corps Members receive the voucher in return for their service in the community. The voucher can be applied to college tuition, the university bookstore, student loans, or future education.
  • When will I be able to use the education voucher? Does it expire?
  • AmeriCorps issues the education voucher approximately 8 weeks after the completion of service.PT Corps Members will be able to use the voucher as early as the spring semester following their summer of service. The voucher does not have to be used right away, but it does expire 7 years after the issue date. For example, you might have just graduated, but you could hold the voucher for future graduate school work.

Young adults who are seeking service terms for a full year or for just the school year may apply for one of our year-round service terms. Many young adults return after serving a summer of service and decide that they are not quite ready to leave their kids; many decide to dedicate their first year after college to serving with Project Transformation; and others serve in part-time capacity while in college locally. Here are some additional questions that apply to the year-round program: 

One Year of Service FAQs

  • How much do I get paid?
  • That depends on the type of service term. For 2021-2022, the stipends are as follows: Full-time (Sept-Aug): $16,000.20 + $6,345 education award Part-time (Sept-Aug): $8,470.12 + $3,172.50 education award Quarter-time (Sept-May): $4,700.02 + $1,678.57 education award Minimum-time (Sept-May): $2,340 + $1,342.86 education award
  • Is housing provided?
  • Community housing in an apartment complex is provided for full-time PT Corps Members, and possibly to other PT Corps Members based on availability. A low monthly rent of $185 covers all utilities and wireless Internet. The apartments have four units, each with 2-3 bedrooms, one bathroom, and a kitchen.
  • Can I take a classes or work an additional job part time?
  • During the school year, PT Corps Members may take classes or have a job in addition to their service terms as long as it does not conflict with their service and obligations to PT. Keep in mind that full-time PT Corps Members serve about 40 hours per week and other PT Corps Members serve about 20 hours per week. However, during the summer, the time commitment to our program will not permit any class or part-time job.
  • Do I have to have a car?
  • All full-time PT Corps Members MUST have a car as you will be picking up food items and other supplies for your program and transporting them to your site. Other PT Corps Members are strongly encouraged to have a car if possible, but if not, will still be expected to be on time each day if using public transportation.