Project Transformation North Texas believes in the equality of all people – as God created all human life, all human life bears God’s image, and all human life is intrinsically sacred and beloved by God. This is why we are committed to the work of racial equity. Throughout the history of this country, racism and White supremacy have been woven into the fabric of our society, which has marginalized the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) community. We acknowledge systemic racism persists today. Project Transformation North Texas has not been immune to the impact of systemic racism.

PTNT has operated from a White perspective that has sought to fix instead of partner. We have perpetuated harm through not fully including BIPOC community voices, past practices that hindered racially and culturally equitable recruitment, and our failure to promote racial equity within our organization. Our impact and intentions were disconnected. We repent. PTNT commits to being a change agent for racial equity in mutual partnership with our communities. We understand that this is a journey within our organization.

Next steps in our journey are as follows:

  • Increase racial diversity at all levels (i.e. Board members, advisory council, staff, members, volunteers, and community partners) within the organization
    • 50% BIPOC representation on the board (2023) and staff (as positions become available)
    • Pursue new partnerships that will enable us to reach additional BIPOC partners (May 2022)
  • Dismantle White cultural norms
    • Require annual unconscious bias and cultural awareness and humility training for board, staff and volunteers by May 2022
    • Update policies, procedures, trainings, and job descriptions for PTNT to better reflect racial equity by August 2022
  • Uplift BIPOC Community voice
    • Establish a framework for a Community Council by December 2021 (implementation April 2022) to amplify BIPOC voices in an equitable way through Board of Directors representation
  • Implement racially equitable curriculum
    • Commit to a curriculum that is racially equitable and represents communities served (est. Summer 2022)

We envision a world that is rooted in love, pursues the equity of all people, and amplifies God’s call on every life.