One Year Service Experience

Project Transformation offers both part-time and full-time positions. Both will focus on:

After-school Programming

During the school year, Project Transformation PT Corps Members lead after-school programs which serve children and youth. Daily activities include homework assistance, physical recreation activities, and rotational weekly lessons which may include nutrition education, arts and crafts or other education activities. PT Corps Members have the option to volunteer in child/youth Bible lessons apart from their AmeriCorps service hours.

Full-time service also includes the following components:

Community Development

Full-time individuals will develop the resources needed to provide monthly “Family Fun Nights,” which occur once per month. These evening events engage the participating children, their families, the site church congregation, and other members of the community. A Family Fun Night typically includes a healthy meal, games, a performance by the children, and a time for community fellowship. Outside of the after-school program hours, the PT Corps Members meet with parents of participants, make visits to area schools, meet with community leaders, and develop relationships with neighborhood leaders.

Summer Day Camp

During the summer program, Project Transformation PT Corps Members work in teams of 9-12 team members, while serving in an eight-week summer day camp for 70-85 elementary children and youth. Sites are located in urban churches or at local community center. Components of the program include: a one-on-one reading program, arts and crafts, music, recreational activities, and other activities in which the gifts and talents of the PT Corps Member can be shared with the children. PT Corps Members have the option to volunteer in children/youth Bible lessons apart from their AmeriCorps service hours.

Ministry/Career Exploration

During the summer, PT Corps Members are exposed to various vocational opportunities to be in service or ministry through guest speakers, field trips, and interactions with church leaders. Examples include visits to various United Methodist institutions, such as Methodist Health System, UMR Communications, Justice for Our Neighbors, Perkins School of Theology, Texas Methodist Foundation, Methodist Children’s Home, and more.

Through our affiliation with the United Methodist Church and not as part of the AmeriCorps program, Project Transformation offers the following options to PT Corps Members:

Spiritual Development

Project Transformation invests in the spiritual development of each young adult, opening their eyes to the needs and opportunities for ministry. The program helps them learn to build a community of support through worship, Bible study, and outside speakers. Young adults may voluntarily participate in a weekly worship session as well as short morning devotions each day before heading to the program sites. Young adults are encouraged to examine their personal beliefs through intellectual and spiritual discussions.

Church Involvement

During the school year or summer, young adults may voluntarily participate in worship and Sunday School at their site church with their team. This is an opportunity to connect the children that attend the day camp and their families with the church family. Through regular church attendance the interns can help generate a volunteer core with the congregation members to bring continuity to programs and relationships established over the summer. Also the PT Corps Members will create a link between the partner churches and the churches that host the program by recruiting volunteers to read with the children that attend the day camp, collecting supplies for the program, and sharing the stories of their experience.

  • The successful year-round applicant will be a highly motivated and engaging individual. An interest in serving others in need as well as working with children and youth is preferred.
  • The dates for the year-round service are September 1- August 4. This includes eight months of after-school programming, 8 weeks of summer day camp, and either one week of overnight urban camp at Bridgeport Camp & Conference Center or “Adventure Week” in Dallas. School year-only part-time positions are also available with service dates of September 1 – May 5.
  • Project Transformation year-round participants that are serving on a full-time basis typically do not hold commitments outside of this experience. Many part-time interns are also currently attending school.
  • PT Corps Members participate in a training week at the beginning of each semester followed by four months of after-school programming.
  • Regularly, PT Corps Members can voluntarily participate in a group Bible study & worship time apart from their AmeriCorps service hours.
  • During the summer program, the PT Corps Members explore different careers in service through a dialogue with lay and ordained leadership of various partnering non-profit organizations and United Methodist institutions.
  • Throughout the year, the PT Corps Members speaks to his/her site church and other area partnering groups about the service experience – this could be to a Sunday school group, the congregation, youth group, business group or other.

The time expectations can be great, but the potential for personal rewards that come from this kind of commitment are even greater. While much is expected of each PT Corps Member, much is given in return in the form of love from the kids, support and fun from living in a community, and the energy that comes from making a real difference in communities that are often forgotten. You never really know how much you can receive until you truly give.

FULL-TIME POSITIONS Reading Coordinator or Site Coordinator: (must have completed one year of college)

  • September 2022 – August 2023
  • Approximately 45 hours per week
  • $16,514.12 living stipend for one year of service
  • $6,345 education voucher (can be applied towards past loans or future education)
  • Health Insurance
  • Low-cost housing available

REDUCED FULL-TIME POSITIONS Reading Coordinator or Site Coordinator: (must have completed one year of college)

  • September 1, 2022-May 5, 2023
  • Approximately 40 hours per week
  • $11,294.08 living stipend for one year of service
  • $4,4.41.50 education voucher (can be applied towards past loans or future education)
  • Low-cost housing available


  • September 1, 2022 -August 4, 2023
  • 2:30 PM to 6:30 PM Mon thru Thurs
  • Afternoon training on Fridays
  • Serve full-time hours in the summer
  • $8,470.12 living stipend
  • $3,172.50 education voucher
  • Low-cost housing potentially available

*Living Stipend and Education Voucher amounts pending final approval

Each applicant proceeds by filling out the application for year-round position, including the reference forms. After the application has been turned in, the Project Transformation office will contact the applicant for an interview.

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