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Meet PTNT Corps Member Isaiah McDaniels

Read this interview between Isaiah McDaniels, one of our current PTNT Corps Members serving in the Afterschool Program and Erin Kiel who is on staff at Project Transformation North Texas.

Erin: Hi! Can you introduce yourself for everyone?

Isaiah: Hi, my name is Isaiah McDaniels. I’m currently serving as the Reading Coordinator at Christ’s Foundry United Methodist Mission with Project Transformation North Texas!

E: How did you first find out about PTNT?

I: It’s funny that you ask that. I actually learned about the organization through you. That’s how I got here. We reconnected after several years and used to be involved in youth group together. Through Custer Road United Methodist Church, I visited PTNT one year and you talked to us about the organization and I thought maybe I’d give it a try.

E: And I’m so glad you did! Tell me about your time serving with PTNT this past summer!

I: Being somewhere where everything I did felt meaningful was great. It was definitely fast-paced, but I can’t say there was a moment that I wasn’t doing anything worthwhile.

E: Why did you decide to serve in the Afterschool Program and commit a year of service to PTNT?

I: I felt like there was so much PTNT could offer, and I felt like I didn’t get a full grasp of it in the summer. I wanted to see if going further into the program would give me a deeper understanding of what PTNT is all about.

Isaiah (center) with his teammates, Margarita and Cris, on the Christ’s Foundry UMM team.

E: What do you wish others knew about the kids you work with?

I: They’ll surprise you. Kids definitely help you reflect on yourself and your life, but will also help you see the future. When I’m with the kids, I’m kind of humbled knowing they have their whole lives ahead of them to make choices and make mistakes, and even though I’m in my adult years, I’m still very much like a child trying to figure it out… I’m always learning.

E: Anything else you’d like to say?

I: I just want to thank PTNT for giving me the opportunity to continue to explore, especially in a time where I’m very much searching for something in my life. Serving this summer and now serving in the Afterschool Program, I definitely feel fulfilled in the work that I’m doing, and who knows where that will lead me, but I’m looking forward to finding out!


Isaiah is one of several PTNT Corps Members serving with Project Transformation North Texas. This #GivingTuesday, please consider investing in our organization that not only serves the children and youth of North Texas, but also the college-aged young adults who deliver our project-based curriculum and form long-lasting relationships with our participants! On Tuesday, December 3,  you can give by clicking the button below!