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A Letter from our Executive Director
Together, We Stand in Solidarity

Dear Friends,

As you are aware, there has been a global response to the killing of Black Americans by police officers taking place over the last week. As a white person, I can only imagine the trauma, pain and fear endured by Black Americans on a daily basis in this country. As a mom, the idea of living in fear that your son or daughter could be the next name remembered is unfathomable. At Project Transformation North Texas, we stand in solidarity with the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and so many others who have lost their lives.

While the issue of systemic racism is not new, the outcome of our response to it must be in order to finally bring about lasting, substantive change in the lives of Black Americans and all persons of color. This is not a time to stay silent. As a faith-based organization and people of good will, we have a responsibility to denounce white supremacy in all of its forms, and as such we must stay true to our values and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The updated vision statement for all Project Transformation chapters that was released by our national office last year helps us live out those values:

We envision a world that is rooted in love, pursues the equity of all people and amplifies God’s call on every life. Love frees us from fear, hatred and indifference toward others. Love invites us to serve the interests of others rather than our own.

At Project Transformation North Texas, we are committed to sustaining a culture in which every individual is valued and respected, particularly those who are marginalized and oppressed. Working alongside our community partners, we will continue to learn and then implement the ways in which we can contribute to ensuring equity and inclusion for all of God’s children. Never was there a time when our organizational promise has been more important: to engage with our neighbors to ensure that relationships grow, leaders emerge and communities change.

Yours in service,

Lauren Richard
Executive Director
Project Transformation North Texas

Editor’s Note: This statement has been revised to correct that Ahmaud Arbery did not lost his life to police brutality.